In the 21st century a successful leader is one who seeks to learn, grow and adapt. 

While much of this learning can and should occur ‘on the job’, leaders also need time out from daily demands to reflect on their learning, re-energise their minds, and experiment with new ways of ‘doing’ leadership and ‘being’ a leader.

At Leed Consulting we specialise in providing leadership learning experiences that engage, motivate, challenge and create lasting change. Our offerings combine up-to-date research, experiential activities, opportunities for self-reflection and a strong emphasis on exploring how new knowledge, skills and ways of thinking will be applied to improve workplace performance.

We draw on a range of approaches, tools and frameworks to ensure that our leadership development activities meet the needs of both the individual and the organisation. While we believe that self-awareness and self-management lie at the heart of successful leadership, we also recognise the importance of mindsets, skills and knowledge specific to the leader's context and role. Our programs and workshops provide a launchpad for leaders to become their best selves, and to lead teams and organisations that achieve excellence. 

Our Leadership Programs are designed in close collaboration with our client organisations, ensuring that they are aligned to the organisation’s strategic goals, aspirations and succession plan.

Tailored Leadership Programs

While the content, structure and format of each Program differs significantly, we always aim to:

  • Increase and enhance self-awareness (often with the help of a 360 review process),
  • provide tools and subject knowledge,
  • introduce new ways of thinking to shape high performance mindsets,
  • provide ample opportunity for participants to experiment with and practise new behaviours,
  • facilitate a high degree of trust, engagement and collegiality, with the aim of forming a long-term learning and support network for colleagues. 
We work with leaders to equip them with the tools, techniques and mindsets that will continue to be of value long after the coaching relationship is over.

Leadership Coaching

Our leadership coaching draws on a range of evidence-based approaches to find solutions that are the right ‘fit’ for the coachee’s personality, the challenges at hand and the organisational context. 

We have a range of assessments in our coaching ‘toolkit’, which may be used depending upon the needs of the client and their employer, including:

Our leadership workshops ignite curiosity, challenge existing paradigms and inspire thoughtful action.

Leadership Workshops

In addition to our bespoke Leadership Programs, we design and deliver stand-alone workshops to support leaders to develop the insight, skills and motivation to identify goals, develop vision and translate intent into action. Offerings for previous clients have included:

  • Successful decision-making: manage your unconscious cognition and make the most of your mind
  • Less wrong: thinking rationally increases your leadership effectiveness
  • Building a high performance culture in challenging times
  • Mind your mindset: why adaptive leadership depends on a growth mindset
  • Meaning, connection and safety: what your (and your team’s) brain needs
Data collected through 360-degree reviews provide valuable insights for leaders about how their self-concept of their leadership aligns with the perceptions of their colleagues.


Most organisations are well placed to track leadership performance in terms of what leaders do or achieve, through established KPIs, business goals and alike. However, few organisations have the same level of rigour when it comes to examining how leaders achieve their goals. A 360-degree review process is designed to focus attention directly on this aspect of performance.

The data collected through 360-degree reviews provide valuable insights for leaders about how their self-concept of their leadership aligns with the perceptions of their colleagues. This data is fertile ground for personal and organisational growth, allowing honest conversations to occur, which in turn can lead to thoughtful and focussed action.

While there is a large range of 360 tools on the market, we have carefully selected two 360 tools as our tools of choice, the Denison Leadership Development Survey and the Hogan 360.

We offer clients a choice of tools because we recognise that 360-reviews happen in a broader organisational context and that alignment with existing organisational structures, process and initiatives is always desirable. At Leed Consulting we do not view ourselves as ‘survey salespeople’. Our approach is that surveys are just a tool to enable the collection of rich data, but that data alone is rarely enough to drive change.

A major component of the value in any 360-degree review is the quality of the debrief process. At Leed Consulting we are skilled at coaching leaders to develop the insight, skills and motivation required to identify goals, develop vision and translate intent into action.

Yesterday’s solutions won’t necessary solve today’s problems.

Action Learning

Learning organisations recognise this fact, causing them to re-think simply training individuals in favour of embracing collaborative approaches to learning that directly deal with real organisational issues. One very practical way of doing this is to use action learning.

A dynamic process and powerful tool for exploring challenges, action learning is about learning through experience; your own, and those of the people around you. It involves a small group of people, known as a ‘set’, working together on real problems, taking action and learning both as individuals and as a group.

It is a process underpinned by a belief that real learning comes not just from ‘technical instruction’, but from taking the time to question, understand, reflect and gain insights into what happens to us and around us. The approach is elicitive, in that it elicits relevant information from participants rather than disseminating what a trainer thinks is good for the participants.

Participants build greater self-confidence in their ability to learn, grow and adapt while building self-awareness about their current knowledge, mind-sets and behaviours.