The consistent and rapid pace of change in the contemporary workplace requires employees to be more responsive and adaptable to change than ever before.

In the 21st Century, an organisation’s success depends, at least in part, on its ability to support individuals to acquire and sustain the ability to grow in the face of stressors and changing demands: to develop resilience. For the individual, resilience training has been demonstrated to significantly increase performance, productivity and wellbeing, and decrease absenteeism, stress and anxiety.

The Directors of Leed Consulting are certified Resilience Trainers through TechWerks, the global leaders in resilience education in the workplace. Our programs are practical, backed by science and designed to provide concrete skills that participants can transfer both to the workplace and to their broader lives. A combination of individual reflection, paired and group activities and the creative use of technology within our workshops ensures that participants are engaged, entertained, and, most importantly, able to apply their learnings immediately.

Based on the PERMA model (Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Accomplishment) developed by Professor Martin Seligman, we support participants to recognise that resilience is not one specific skill; it is a set of skills and ways of thinking that promotes effective problem-solving, adaptability, positive coping, self-regulation, and social support. Through improving thinking, communication, and decision-making skills, we help people be more mentally tough and emotionally strong.

Ranging from half-day workshops to week-long programs, our resilience workshops are interactive, evidence-based and highly practical. Whether you’re looking to maximise wellbeing in your workplace, or prepare your people for a major change, we’ll ensure that participants leave with a resiliency toolkit that they’re ready to use. We tailor all our programs to the specific needs of your organisation and its people, which means our content and materials are truly fit-for-purpose. 


‘Without doubt, Leed's resilience program is the most effective and well-received compulsory training program I've seen in any organisation I've worked in.’

Jasmin Rieck, Director, People & Culture, Return To Work SA