High Performance Cultures

Organisational culture is no longer a warm and fuzzy ‘nice to have’ – getting it right is critical to fulfilling strategic goals and objectives.

At Leed Consulting we work with clients to undertake the ambitious - but vital - endeavour of cultivating a culture that drives sustained high performance.

Using international research and cutting-edge tools, we align the concept of ‘culture’ with strategic and commercial realities.

At Leed Consulting we help clients:

  • make sense of what organisational culture is all about,
  • build a cohesive view of the key factors impacting  on their organisational culture,
  • understand the link between culture and business performance, and
  • determine and chart a path towards a sustainable high  performance culture.

In many organisations, getting a light bulb changed is hard enough, so real cultural change may seem implausible. While we fervently believe that cultural change is possible, we are also realistic: sustained change can’t happen without the right leadership, preparation, skills, tools, process and commitment to the long-term vision. Culture must be more than a set of values pinned to the wall.

Leed Consulting supports clients throughout the cultural change process while building capability within the client organisation. Our aim is to help clients embed the drivers of a high performance culture so that such a culture becomes a sustainable ‘norm’.


'Working with Leed Consulting has been invaluable, both in understanding our current organisational culture and supporting us in the development of a culture that aligns with our vision for the future.'

Aphrodite Tsakalos, Human Resources Manager, SAHMRI