Organisational Change

When you can’t see the wood for the trees, perhaps it’s time to get a fresh pair of eyes on the situation.

Through our organisational review process we help clients develop and grow. Be it responding to new opportunities or addressing the challenge of organisational/team dysfunction, under performing business units, projects failing to deliver or the changing expectations of stakeholders, we help clients diagnose why their current approach isn’t delivering the results they need.

We don’t believe a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to organisational change is likely to deliver either the results you need or the value you deserve. Organisations are complex systems, where decisions and events in one part often have unforeseen affects on other parts. Given every organisational system is unique, so too is the formula for success.

The premise of our approach is simple; identify what aspects of the organisation are working well, what needs improvement and then provide honest and effective recommendations about the way forward. In doing this we utilise a range of review methodologies including analysis of current data, online surveys and interviews and focus groups with key stakeholders.

Our approach ensures organisations don’t just respond to the ‘squeaky wheel’ but take a balanced and informed path to improving organisational performance.


Working with Leed Consulting through an intensive change process within the University of South Australia, has been a true partnership, often not experienced with external consultants. Diarmid possesses both the intellectual rigour and hands on pragmatic application which makes his advice and strategy relevant and authentic. His understated style belies a mastermind of organisational development borne of experience and application. I unequivocally recommend him.

Ruth Blenkiron, Director Human Resources, University of South Australia