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In 2014, brother and sister Anna and Diarmid Lee merged their successful consultancies, Anna Lee Consulting and Leed Consulting, with the express purpose of offering interventions that improve performance both at the individual and at the organisational level.

Diarmid specialises in working with clients to identify what needs to be done to create a high performing culture across the business – and then helps them do it. While Anna’s expertise is in working with leaders to support them to develop the mindsets, habits and skills required to thrive in the 21st century workplace, and to cultivate teams and organisations that flourish.

Anna Lee

Prior to being enticed to join her brother Diarmid at Leed Consulting, Anna ran her own successful consultancy for more than 6 years. As a facilitator and consultant, she is renowned for her ability to translate recent research into deeply engaging learning experiences that create lasting change in individuals and organisations.

With a Masters in Professional Education and Training, Anna’s emphasis is always upon ensuring that new knowledge, skills and ways of thinking lead to immediate and sustainable action. She is particularly passionate about working with organisations and individuals to minimise bias and maximise effectiveness in decision-making, career development and talent management. She is skilled at tailoring her approach to the needs of each client, drawing on a range of evidence-based tools and techniques to deliver exceptional results. In addition to facilitating and coaching, Anna speaks at universities, conferences and events about mitigating bias, decision-making and gender equality.

She is the only South Australian alumnus of the Centre for Applied Rationality in Berkeley, and volunteers for Intentional Insights, a not-for-profit aimed at promoting rational thinking skills and effective giving. Throughout her career Anna has served on various Boards and Management Committees, and is currently a member of the Premier’s Council for Women.

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E. anna.lee@leedconsulting.com.au
M. +61 (0) 430 377 525

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Diarmid Lee

With both a Psychology degree and an LLB Honours degree from the University of Adelaide, Diarmid’s first professional career was as a corporate lawyer. With a strong commercial focus, keen analytical skills and attention to detail Diarmid led a number of multi-million dollar merger and acquisition projects, while a Senior Associate at Minter Ellison.

In 2008, keen to pursue his fascination with organisational psychology, Diarmid ventured to London, where he joined the JSB Group. As a Senior Consultant, Diarmid gained extensive experience in facilitating senior leadership development and organisational development projects across Europe at the height of the global financial crisis.

While in the UK, Diarmid completed the Masters level Certificate in Facilitation at the prestigious Henley Business School. With a passion for helping clients to cultivate a culture that delivers sustainable high performance, Diarmid founded Leed Consulting on his return to Australia in 2010.

Diarmid served on the Board of Time For Kids, a not-for-profit operating in the child welfare sector, for more than 7 years, including 2 years as the Chair. In 2018 Diarmid was appointed as a Board Member of Relationship Australia South Australia. Diarmid works with clients as coach, facilitator and cultural change consultant, assisting them to optimise business and people performance at both the organisational and individual level.

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E. diarmid.lee@leedconsulting.com.au
M. +61 (0) 409 977 730

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