From our conversations with clients, it’s clear that the response of individuals, teams and organisations to the demands of Covid-19 have ranged from complete overwhelm to astoundingly speedy adaptation. For some, the pause in ‘normal’ has led to reflection and recalibration that will undoubtedly strengthen both wellbeing and performance well into the future. For others, uncertainty, fear and/or the challenges of working from home have resulted in a sense of disconnection.

To support individuals and teams at both ends of this spectrum (and at every point in between), we’ve developed a small range of offerings to help your organisation thrive during and post Covid-19.

Tiny Habits® Webinars

Designed to be delivered to between 20 and 500, our 1-hour Tiny Habits webinars are high in energy, interaction and practical tips and are receiving rave reviews from participants.  

‘Brilliant facilitation skills – relaxed, super professional, engaging, easy to listen to … Anna acknowledged everyone’s contributions by name and validated the inputs. I am implementing Tiny Habits as we speak. Thank you!’ –  public sector leader

Topics include:

Tiny Habits® for Staying
Focused While Working
From Home

Tiny Habits® for Keeping Your
Team Strong in
Challenging Times

Tiny Habits® for
Resilient Leaders

What’s unique about our Tiny Habit webinars?

Anyone who has seen Anna facilitate will know that her forte is flexing her delivery style and content according to her reading of the room. This is tough to do with 300 participants, none of whom are in the same location! But over the past 6 weeks Anna has worked out how to bring her innate enthusiasm and energy to the online environment. Her webinars feature:

  • 5-6 opportunities for participant engagement in every hour-long webinar
  • Visuals that entertain and engage
  • A post-webinar follow-up forum in which participants can ask questions, troubleshoot and share successes.

As one participant said:

‘What an amazing facilitator – she should deliver a presentation on online facilitation skills!  … Animated, energised and used her voice so well to get her message across. Best webinar I’ve seen – and I’ve seen a lot!’

Tiny Habit® Online Workshops

We’ve designed our 1.5-hour online Tiny Habits workshops specifically for the Covid and post-Covid environment. They’re engaging, fun and lead to fast, high-impact behavioural change.

Tiny Habits® for Focus and Calm in Challenging Times

Tiny Habits® for
Resilient Teams
(leaders and/or intact teams)

Tiny Habits® for
Resilient Leaders

Tiny Habits® for Keeping Your
Team Strong in
Challenging Times

We recommend no more than 16 participants for online workshops. For a cost-effective option for bigger organisations, check out our Tiny Habits webinars.

Why Tiny Habits?

For many, the circumstances of Covid-19 have led to the realisation that there’s stuff they really need to learn, such as:

  • How to deal with the feelings – both their own and other people’s – that arise in the face of uncertainty and fear, while maintaining motivation and performance
  • How to stay focused and ignore distractions
  • How to connect and engage in the virtual environment

Paradoxically, most of us feel that the demands of living through a pandemic mean we don’t have the time, cognitive energy or motivation to learn. One. More. Thing.

Which is why the Tiny Habits method is the perfect learning tool for our current environment.

  • Tiny Habits are simple, fast and fun to learn.
  • Tiny Habits require only small (even tiny!) change.
  • Tiny Habits meet people where they’re at right now.

For more information about the Tiny Habits method, click here.

Covid-19 Team Reconnection Workshops

Your people have learned a lot – about themselves, their teams and the organisation – over the past few months. Our Covid-19 Team Reconnection Workshops will help them harness that learning so that they emerge from this time with the increased resilience, agility and insight required to thrive in the post-pandemic environment.

Covid-19 has given rise to amazing adaptation and innovation in the way teams operate. Without the ability to share the same physical space as their colleagues, people have found new ways to communicate, support each other and get work done.

This doesn’t mean it’s been easy. While some have loved reducing their commute from a couple of hours a day to mere seconds, or the reduction in interruptions that occur in most busy work environments, others have struggled with the isolation, the blurring of work/home boundaries and the need to attend umpteen Zoom calls every day.

With the current trajectory of the pandemic in SA, not surprisingly the discussion in many teams is already turning to ‘When will we go back to normal?‘. We get that… ‘normal’ feels safe, secure and known. It puts this whole drama behind us.

But going back to ‘normal’ might also mean that the agility, adaption and innovation that were so valuable in navigating the pandemic get lost, diminished or wasted.

It’s also likely that just as some have struggled with the strain of moving to remote working, some will struggle with returning to the workplace. Many have revelled in working from home, and others are questioning whether a return to work is really safe.

Our Covid-19 Team Reconnection Workshop is designed to do two key things:

      1. Ensure there is an appropriate ‘check-in’ and re-connection across the team so we build understanding around how people have managed themselves through this period and how they currently feel about their work, the team and the organisation.
      2. Leverage the learning gained through the Covid-19 experience.
        • What are the lessons or insights about the work we do and the way we do it that we want to hold on to?
        • What are the opportunities (whether for ourselves, our team, our clients/customers or our organisation) that present themselves in the post-pandemic world?
        • How do we ensure that the value of this experience isn’t lost in the return to ‘normal’?


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