When examining MISSION we look at:

VISION – the degree to which people understand and are motivated by the organisation’s ultimate purpose;

STRATEGIC DIRECTION & INTENT – the level of clarity and confidence our people have in the key strategies identified to move the organisation towards the vision; and

GOALS & OBJECTIVES – the short-term goals that help link what people do on a day-to-day basis to the strategy and ultimately the vision of the organisation.

What does high performance look like in the MISSION domain?

High Performing cultures provide clarity and alignment of direction for every employee and manage to achieve a balance and connection between the ‘big picture’ vision, the strategies that operationalise it and the granular day-to-day expectations on staff. High performance in each of the indexes might be described as follows:

VISION – The organisation has a shared view of a desired future state. The vision of the organisation captures the hearts and minds of its people and provides guidance and direction on both strategic and goal-oriented actions.

STRATEGIC DIRECTION & INTENT  – Clear strategies provide guidance and the means through which the vision and goals will be attained. Strategic direction and intent outlines the organisation’s plan to “make its mark” and achieve success. Clear strategic intentions convey the organisation’s purpose, aid in decision-making and prioritisation and make it clear how all functions and levels can contribute.

GOALS & OBJECTIVES – A clear set of goals and objectives can be linked to the vision and strategy of the organisation and provide everyone with a clear direction in their day-to-day work. All individuals in the organisation have “line of sight” from their role/function to the overall goals and objectives of the organisation.