While we believe that self-awareness and self-management lie at the heart of successful leadership, we also recognise the importance of mindsets, skills and knowledge specific to the leader’s context and role. With a relentless focus on translating learning into immediate behavioural change and action, our tailored programs and workshops provide a launchpad for leaders to become their best selves.

We don’t believe a cookie cutter approach to leadership development is likely to deliver either the results you need or the value you deserve. We work closely with clients to develop customised interventions that meet the needs of both the individual and the organisation.

Having worked with Leed for a number of years, in 2017 we selected Leed to design and deliver our Leading at Santos Program. Anna’s collaborative approach to the design of the program has resulted in an offering that meets the diverse needs of our leaders and is receiving glowing feedback. Anna’s ability to understand our business and ‘flex’ with each group whilst staying true to the course objectives has been extremely valuable in delivering a meaningful and impactful program.
Gina Cowley, Manager Organisation Development, Santos Ltd