High Return Habits for People Leaders Program

A five week program to take leaders and their teams from surviving
to thriving

In an era of unprecedented uncertainty and shifting expectations, the ability to
learn and change is more critical to successful leadership than ever before.

Paradoxically, the same factors that drive the need for adaptive skills –
increasing complexity, accelerating technology, information overload – mean
that many leaders feel that they simply don’t have the bandwidth to learn.
One. More. Thing.

Which is why habit building using incremental (even tiny changes) is an

indispensable skill for 21 st Century leaders and the organisations in which they work.

High Return Habits for People Leaders gives leaders the skills,
confidence and mindset to:


Be resilient, optimistic and action-oriented in times of challenge and change

Develop professional relationships based on trust, mutual accountability and respectful feedback

Communicate with authenticity, clarity and confidence in a range of contexts

Build high-performing teams in which difference is celebrated and belonging is cultivated

What’s different about High Return Habits?

Most people finish leadership programs with an intention to implement what they’ve learned.

But human beings are notoriously poor at translating good intentions into action. Partly because our brains tend to overestimate the capabilities of our Future Self, and partly because few of us ever learn implementation skills.

Implementation skills, and in particular Dr BJ Fogg’s Tiny Habits® methodology are explicitly taught throughout the High Return Habits Program. And the Program is designed so that participants have daily support to implement and embed new behaviours and actions.

minute orientation call with Anna to set you up for learning and implementation success

full-day workshop to take leaders from surviving to thriving

90-minute weekly online group coaching calls in groups of no more than 8

weeks of daily advice, reinforcement, troubleshooting and motivation via a private, moderated Facebook Group

The Facilitator

With her brother Diarmid, Anna is co-director of Leed Consulting, an Adelaide-based consultancy that specialises in developing resilient, inclusive leaders and high performance cultures. Anna has been designing and delivering high impact leadership development programs for well over a decade for clients such as Santos, UniSA and the Adelaide Football Club.

While she is renowned for her ability to create exceptional learning experiences that engage heads, hearts and hands, as a leadership coach and facilitator Anna’s primary preoccupation has always been making change stick. Her programs draw on the latest research from the fields of neuroscience, psychology and behaviour design to ensure that they lead to lasting change for participants and their organisations.

In addition to holding multiple accreditations, Anna is one of only three certified Tiny Habits® coaches in Australia. She believes BJ Fogg’s Tiny Habits® methodology is the most powerful, the most successful and simplest tool for helping people make meaningful changes that stick.

Ready to build high return habits that will take you and your team from surviving to thriving?


392 Goodwood Rd, Cumberland Park SA 5041 | E: info@leedconsulting.com.au
Diarmid: 0409 977 730 | Anna: 0430 377 525